Hello, I’m Mike

Here to help your WordPress website work smarter, not harder

I’ve been called the “wordPress whisperer”, “WordPress mechanic” and even a “website alchemist”; I’m just me, here to help!

My Story

I’ve always been interested in the web. Wayback in the early 00’s, I created my very first online space in Yahoo’s Geocities. I’m so glad that site doesn’t exist now, it was awful!

I first learned how to build a ‘proper’ website in 2007, when a work colleague showed me how he had built his hobby site using just HTML and CSS and I was hooked.

I set to work learning as much as I could about websites and began creating sites for clients from around 2009.

Discovering WordPress

In 2011 I happened upon WordPress purely by accident, but I was amazed by the potential of the software even back then.

I learned as much as I could about WordPress, getting involved in the support forums, sharing my knowledge almost as soon as I gained it.

I now focus exclusively on WordPress.

Why me?

My clients love my friendly, approachable personality, mixed with my ability to simplify tech so it’s actually enjoyable!

You can find out what they say about me on my Testimonials page.

About Mike Cottam

When I’m not helping clients with their websites

When I’m not helping clients with their websites, you can find me exploring our beautiful homeland of the Isle of Man with my amazing wife and soulmate Elizabeth.

Or, if the weather is inclement (as it usually is on the island), I love to read cosy crime thrillers or watch crime shows like Midsomer Murders or Poirot.

My Mission

“My mission is to serve purpose-led entrepreneurs and small business owners, by offering comprehensive WordPress site care and support services.

I aim to become the trusted partner for those who are passionate about having an effective website, but lack the time or technical expertise to manage and grow their online presence.

Through continuous collaboration and communication, I want to ensure that all of my clients thrive in their online journey, making a meaningful impact to their clients and their industry.”

My working values

Below I provide more details about how I work. By hiring me to perform any of the services I promote on this website and on social media, you expressly agree to abide by my values.

Who I do NOT work with

I do not work with large corporate businesses. I also do not work with businesses who are involved in unethical activities or activities such as gambling, betting or pornography.

My working hours

My working hours are 8.30am to 4.00pm (UK time). I do not work weekends or public holidays. If you require assistance outside of my working hours, additional fees will apply.

Contacting me

I prefer to be contacted by email (mike@cottamweb.com) in the first instance. I can also liaise via telephone or Microsoft Teams by prior arrangement. To book time with me, you should make a booking via my Calendly scheduler (https://calendly.com/cottamweb).

Billing Terms

I issue invoices electronically and payment is requested in line with the terms stated on the invoice. For retained services such as Site Care Plans, I issue invoices on the 25th day of each month. If we haven’t worked together before, I reserve the right to request payment in advance of any services.

Submission of tasks

Please submit all task requests by email (mike@cottamweb.com). I will acknowledge receipt of your request and will advise once completed. Please allow 24 hours minimum for tasks to be completed.

Politeness and respect

I take pride in being polite and courteous at all times, and I expect the same of you. Rudeness, disrespectfulness and unprofessionalism will result in our relationship ending.

Cessation of services

I reserve the right to suspend or cease services provided if invoices are unpaid, communication (on your part) ceases or our business relationship fails.

My Ethical Practice Promise

As an ethical business with a focus on honesty and transparency, I am committed to the promises as detailed on my Ethical Working page.