Case Study – Intelect Group eLearning Platform

Intelect Group, a business providing cyber security, investigations, risk and training, now provide elearning to clients worldwide, without the needs for a bricks and mortar building.

The Situation Before

Colin at Intelect Group delivered courses face-to-face, which meant organising training rooms and facilities. It also meant he could only secure attendees within travelling distance of the training venue.

This was frustrating for Colin, as his knowledge and expertise could be of benefit to a much wider audience.

It also meant that a large portion of his time was taken up with organising the logistical requirements of creating a training session.

The Solution

Colin approached me with a view to creating an eLearning platform that could be bolted onto his website, enabling him to create and sell courses to a much wider audience, without the need for bricks and mortar offices or logistical time spent organising events.

I installed and configured LearnDash, a WordPress plugin that enables a website to become a powerful eLearning resource.

The Situation Now

Intelect Group now have a powerful eLearning platform, bolted onto their website, where they can create and sell courses to customers worldwide.

The eLearning solution saves Colin time and effort in delivering his training courses to a much wider audience, which benefits not only the business, but the many customers who can now benefit from his knowledge and expertise.

Colin is now able to spend his time creating courses, which are then uploaded to the eLearning platform and are ready for sale immediately. No need to organise physical training locations.

Being able to focus on course creation means Colin’s courses are better and are reaching a much wider audience.

Feedback from Colin at Intelect Group


Intelect Group
March 2019

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