Do you actually need a Site Care Plan?

Do You Need A Site Care Plan

Is a WordPress Site Care Plan a ‘nice to have’, or is it an indispensable service that you should incorporate into your website costs?

The answer to that is very much a personal one; in this article, I will endeavour to highlight some of the reasons a site care plan should be a ‘must-have’ rather than a ‘nice to have’.

The elephant in the room: You don’t actually need a site care plan

There are millions upon millions of websites on the web that are not subject to a website care or maintenance plan of some kind, and most of them seem to be working OK. So no, you don’t need to outsource the care and maintenance of your website.

That being said, what are the risks of not having a website expert caring for and monitoring your website 24/7?

  • You run the risk of an update to a WordPress theme or plugin conflicting with and breaking your website – do you have the knowledge to resolve any such conflict issues?
  • You run the risk of your website being vulnerable to cyber attacks if you do not keep on top of software updates – do you have the time to safely and confidently update WordPress core, theme or plugin software?
  • If your website goes offline for whatever reason – and you don’t know about it – you run the risk of losing business through clients not being able to contact you.
  • If not tested regularly, you run the risk of your contact forms stopping working without you being aware, resulting in lost contact from your clients and possibly lost business too.

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So whilst you don’t need a site care plan, unless you have the time, knowledge and confidence to fully manage your website (and its software), I always recommend that you hire an expert to manage your website, so you can focus on doing what you do best.

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