Do you know how much your website is contributing to the climate crisis on earth?

Every time somebody visits a page on your website, energy is expended in order to make it happen. If your website is badly coded and has large files (think images, videos), then this energy level increases, meaning the carbon footprint of your site increases.

Some of the things you can do to reduce the carbon footprint of your website.

  • Begin by ensuring your website host is using renewable energy to run its business
  • Consider using fewer images on your site and ensure any images are resized and compressed
  • If you must use video, upload it to YouTube and add a link on your website
  • DO NOT embed a YouTube video on your website, as this is ineffective
  • Consider using default fonts instead of Google or custom fonts
  • Don’t use fancy animations such as carousels or click to reveal text boxes

Resources and Further Reading

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