These are the rules I work by

My Ethics and Values

I believe in treating everybody with empathy, compassion and fairness, so here’s what you can expect when working with me. I expect the same ethics and values from you, too.

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When dealing with me, I promise that:

  • I will not inflate my fees in order to increase profits;
  • I will not communicate using foul language;
  • I will not over-promise and under-deliver on any of my services;
  • I will not outsource any of the work I do for you, unless expressly agreed beforehand; and
  • I will not take on any projects or work that is outside of my level of experience and expertise.
  • I will act professionally and courteously at all times;
  • I will reply to communication quickly and concisely (I also expect this of you);
  • I will use plain English and communicate in a tech-jargon free manner at all times;
  • I will honour any fees that I quote; and
  • I will respect you, your business and your customers at all times.

When using my website, I promise that:

  • I will not use trackers to harvest your personal information;
  • I will not use annoying pop-ups and advertising graphics;
  • I will not use obscene language;
  • I will not promote services that I have no expertise in; and
  • I will not promote or link to illegal or unethical businesses or websites.
  • I will provide a website that is easy to navigate;
  • I will communicate in easy to read, tech-jargon free language;
  • I will be transparent and honest in all of my communication;
  • I will provide multiple methods you can use to contact me;
  • I will only promote services that I have experience in; and
  • I will only link to websites that are ethical and professional.


What my clients are saying about my values

Clare Paterson

“And it’s way more than “just” practical and technical support that Mike has provided (and continues to provide) – he has an amazing knack of always asking the right questions to really dig into the company’s (and therefore the website’s) goals and purpose. With his gentle but insightful questioning, Mike gets to the heart of the matter every time.”

Clare Paterson

CP Data Protection