the importance of website security

Keeping your WordPress website secure

Keeping your WordPress website secure can be achieved by following some simple but essential routines that you can implement today.

Why keep your site secure?

Whilst we may think that people are generally nice and friendly, online cyber criminals are anything but friendly. They target websites that are vulnerable and display security holes that can be used to access coded files and user data.

WordPress security tip #1 – Sign in and sign out

One of the easiest but most important ways of keeping your site secure is to be sure that you always log out of your site when you are finished. This is the simplest safety measure of all, but the one that most of us fail to do.

This is even more important if you are working from a shared computer (yes cyber cafes still exist). If you do not log out when you are finished, then another person could easily come along after you and access your website.

WordPress security tip #2 – use strong passwords

WordPress allows you to quickly and easily set and change passwords, so I’d recommend changing them at least every month. Pass phrases rather than words, are considered to be more robust.

You can also use 2 factor authentication on your website for added security.

Suggested plugin → ‘WP 2FA

WordPress security tip #3 – keep WordPress updates current

Keeping WordPress core, themes and plugins software updated is of utmost importance.

Updates are released for a reason, usually to fix bugs but also for security patches and enhancements, so it’s imperative that you process any updates when notified in the notification bar.

WordPress security tip #4 – use WordPress security plugins

There are a number of plugins available that will enhance the security of your WordPress website. Below are a selection of the plugins available, though you should review each one before deciding which is best for your site.

WordFence: This is one of the most popular security plugins. It continuously checks for malware infections and will notify you if anything is found. WordFence is a free plugin with the option to upgrade for premium features.

Sucuri Security: Sucuri offers various security features, including malware scanning, security activity auditing, blacklist monitoring, and even a website firewall. Sucuri is a premium service with an annual fee payable.

All In One WP Security & Firewall: All In One is great for checking for any vulnerabilities on your site and it is easy to use. It will protect against hackers and goes into lockdown if someone tries to use brute force on your site. This is the plugin that I use on my website.

By being proactive and following the above tips, you will be best placed to ensure your site is safe and secure.

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