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Intelect eLearning

The Brief

Having worked already with Colin at Intelect Group, I JUMPED at the chance to collaborate with him on the Intelect Group eLearning platform. As a result of the 2020 CO-VID pandemic, many bricks and mortar training business had to look for ways to diversify, and Intelect was no different. With that in mind, Colin asked me to design and build an elearning platform that he could use to take his face-2-face training online.

The Solution

I bolted a sub-domain onto the main website at and installed a WordPress plugin called LearnDash. From there I built the courses offered by Colin using his existing content and a few tweaks. The final platform is a unique online learning experience that Colin can use to deliver online courses to his clients, saving both time, resources and cost.

Visit the Intelect eLearning Website