Referral Program

Earn money by referring me to your friends, colleagues and family.

My referral program rewards you financially for any referrals you make to CottamWeb that result in services being provided.

How does the referral program work?

It’s really simple, just send an email to with an introduction to the business you are referring. Any services* ordered from that business will result in a 10% commission paid to you.

Whether it’s a new website or website support in any guise, you’ll get 10% of the value of the work.

What could be simpler?

*Services for the sake of this program means any of the following: website design, website re-design, website rescue or any type of ad-hoc website support. It does NOT include website support plans. Commission is only paid once I have received payment for the work conducted. Retrospective claims for commission cannot be made.

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