Save time when creating repetitive content with Text Expander

On a recent LinkedIn post I provided a useful time-saving tip when engaging with users on LinkedIn and one of the comments from my good friend John Espirian led me to another time-saving tool – Text Expander.

Whist many time-saving tools can in themselves be cumbersome to use, Text Expander isn’t.

It’s so simple – you create snippets of text (from just a few words to a whole email) and allocate an abbreviation to them. When you type that abbreviation into any app, its replaced by the snippet of text. Let me show you:

There’s no limit to where you can use Text Expander – social media posts, DM’s, emails, Word documents – pretty much anywhere that involves you adding the same text again and again.

The cost of Text Expander is around £4.00 per month (cheaper if you pay for a year in advance), but it does save you so much time.

The website address again:

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