The emails you receive from the Google Search Console can be misleading, so take them with a pinch of salt. Why? Let me explain.

When you add your website to Google Search Console (GSC), the Googley robots will begin to crawl your website, analysing the URLs of each web page and indexing them where they can.

During this crawling and analysing of web pages, the bots will be looking for specific information to enable them to index that page. But they may also find that a page may not tick all of their boxes and as a result, error notifications are generated that are then emailed to you, the now worried website owner.

GSC Notification example: Excluded by ‘noindex’ tag

One of my clients received this rather vague but worrying notification from GSC:

Gsc Error Notification Message

On the face of it, you may be concerned that your carefully crafted web pages are not going to appear in search engine results pages and you go searching for the errant page, hoping to rectify the problem.

But in reality, some of the web pages on your website do not need to be indexed.

Noindex Tag On Source Code

For example, the WordPress login page on my website does not need to be indexed as it is simply an internal page where I login to my WordPress dashboard, so quite rightly a ‘noindex’ tag is added. 

GSC Notification example: Product snippets structured data issues

On my wife’s website, there’s an online shop that doesn’t have (or ask for ) reviews or ratings. Because of this, GSC sent her this error notification:

No Rating Error From Gsc

Whilst GSC states such issues as being ‘non-critical’, they can still be concerning.

The above are just 2 examples of the notifications you may get from GSC which, contrary to their wording, require no rectification as they are intended actions.

Any notifications you receive from GSC should be reviewed to ensure no essential work is required on your website, but not all notifications require you to actually do anything.

If you are unsure what the notifications you receive from GSC mean, then please do contact me for guidance and support.

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash