Tech Empower Hours

Gain some clarity on your website or the tech that’s available to you.

My tech empower hours are completely tailored to your needs, whether that be tech training, strategy or just as a sounding board.

Does this sound like you:

  • The thought of managing your website fills you with dread
  • You want to set-up a membership site or an eLearning platform, but don’t know where to start
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed with all the tech that’s available

It can be pretty overwhelming when you consider the amount of tech that’s available, not to mention all the tasks involved in managing a website.

You’re probably frustrated, fed-up and tired because you aren’t growing your business by taking care of those tech tasks that you don’t have the time or knowledge to do, right?

But what if you were empowered to tackle those tech tasks, or learn more about making tech work for you?

Introducing my Tech Empower Hours

Let’s spend an hour on a video call, where we can discuss any aspect of your website or the tech challenges you have. You’ll be benefiting from my 10+ years’ experience in building, managing and fixing websites (including membership and eLearning sites).

The call will be recorded and emailed to you, together with any agreed resources that you may need to accelerate your business growth through harnessing the power of tech.

What can we discuss during the hour?

During our hour, we can discuss anything related to websites and online tech – it’s totally tailored to your needs. I’ll ask you to let me know beforehand, what it is that you’d like to chat about. Some of the topics we can chat about include:

  • Creating a new website, membership or eLearning site
  • Enhancing your website to sell courses or memberships
  • Creating a blog for your website
  • Managing and growing your website
  • Integrating third party services with your website
  • Adding new content to your website
  • Managing users on your website
  • Search engine optimisation

“It’s been great working with Mike – he really helped me gain clarity and remove the fear of what I was trying to do to get my website optimised and with the right SEO going on behind the scenes.”

— Karin Brauner – Author and Counsellor