The importance of client communication

The Importance Of Client Communication

Being able to communicate effectively with your client is really important. Here’s why…

Unless you communicate with your client in a way that appeals to them, you run the risk of that client not understanding you and (more worryingly) being made to feel uneducated or inadequate.

This in turn will alienate you and could harm your relationship with that client.

So, with that being said, here are some tips to help improve client communication.

Don’t use industry or techy jargon when communicating with your clients

The industry I work in is highly technical and there are a lot of techy words and jargon that’s used. But you probably don’t work in my industry and so would have no understanding of the techy jargon that I could use.

For example, instead of saying “I’ll integrate a responsive UI/UX design framework to ensure cross-platform compatibility,” I would say “I’ll make your website look great and work well on any device.”

I’m pretty sure you understand the second sentence a lot more than the first.

Provide different formats to communicate the same message

Some clients prefer the written word when communicating (by that, I mean email or digital text); others prefer to watch a video or have a video call.

You’ll see on each of my services pages, that I provide a short explainer video that provides a visual alternative to reading the text content on the page. I don’t particularly like doing videos (and I’m not very good at them), but I wanted to give my clients an alternative way of absorbing my content.

Do what you’ll say you will do

There’s nothing worse than a service provider promising to do something and then not delivering on that promise.

So, when it comes to communication, if you say you’ll reply in 24-hours, make sure you do reply in that timeframe. If you tell a client that you’ll do something, make sure you follow through. It will demonstrate your professionalism and your commitment to delivering an excellent service.

Make it easy for clients to contact you

Ever visited a website and wondered how to get in touch with that business? It’s happened to me on many occasions and it’s usually the bigger businesses that fail in this most essential element of client communication.

On your website, make sure you clearly show how a client can contact you. Whether it be email, phone, contact form or social media, make it prominent on your website.

The best place on your website to include contact details is in the website footer, as this is displayed on every page.

To conclude

These are just a handful of tips that will help you excel at client communication. A simple Google search will provide you with additional help and advice on how to communicate effectively with your clients.

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