When is the best time to choose self-building your WordPress website?

I get asked this quite a lot and I answered this in a recent LinkedIn post, and the answer is: The best time is when you have minimal budget and maximum time.

It’s a little more complicated than that, but I’ll explain below what I mean by ‘minimal budget’ and ‘maximum’ time.

“Minimal Budget” – Building your own website will save you money

Because the cost to build a new website can be as little as £100 per year, this is by far the cheapest way to get your business online. All you need to purchase is a domain (£12 per year) and web hosting (£50 – £80 per year). You will need an SSL Certificate, but many web hosting plans include these for free.

You can install WordPress onto your domain for free, and there are thousands of WordPress themes that you can choose to build your website with.

But is it really worth it?

“Maximum Time” – You’ll need up to 100 hours to complete the build of your website

Expect to spend hundreds of hours learning how to use the software (WordPress), planning the structure of your website and that’s even before you begin creating content!

Whilst it may be cheaper financially, you will need to set aside a lot of time and that means evenings and weekends if you want to build your website outside of working hours.

There are thousands of video tutorials on YouTube, but have you got time to navigate them all until you find one that you can actually follow? And what happens if you hit those inevitable tech issues?

So to summarise, I would think very carefully before deciding to build your own website.

If you need any guidance on whether self-building is the best solution, don’t hesitate to contact me. I provide a free discovery call where we can discuss whether self-building is right for you.

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