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What are the features that are included in your Website Care Plan?

Let’s look in more detail at the features of my Website Care Plans and how each one benefits you as the website owner. Note that some of these features may not apply to the plan that you have subscribed to.

Website Review

Prior to taking your website under my care, I’ll conduct a review of your site just to ensure that everything is tickety boo.

Website Back-ups

Daily back-ups of your website are taken and stored safely in the cloud, with a full 1-click restore should the unthinkable happen.

WordPress Software Updates

On-demand updates to WordPress core, themes and plugins to ensure your site is always running the latest versions.

WordPress Optimisation

Daily optimisation of your WordPress database ensures that your site is running smooth and fast, essential for good SEO!

Website Uptime Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of your website to ensure any instances of downtime are kept to a minimum.

Website Security Monitoring

Regular scans of your website to highlight any potential security risks or vulnerabilities to your sites integrity.

Contact Form Testing

Periodic testing of the contact forms on your website to ensure all forms are working correctly and are being emailed to you.

Website Content Changes

All plans include allocated time each month to request content changes, from adding a new image to uploading a new blog post!

Fathom Analytics Reporting

Access to your own Fathom Analytics dashboard (on my master account) where you can monitor traffic to your website.

Website Strategy Calls

Regular video calls where we can discuss the performance of your website and agree a roadmap for future improvements.

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