Website Design Process

When you hire me to build your new website, I will do my best to make the project as hassle-free and fun as possible.

I understand that you are focused on growing your business, not worrying about colour palettes, fonts and the like. Whilst these elements are important, I try to take as much of the worry away when considering these parts of the project.

Below is my website design process. This happens once you have received your proposal and confirmed that you are happy for the project to begin.

My website design process

01. Discovery

Questions. I’ll ask lots of questions, this is so I can get an understanding of you, your business and what you want your website to achieve.

02. Content

Next I will ask you to provide me with your content for your website. This is required before I build your website, so it’s pretty important.

03. Structure

Once I have your content, I will create the site architecture, this is basically what pages your site will have and they fit into the site navigation.

04. Design

Based on the information I gathered during stages 1 + 2, I will begin to build out the website. You’ll be able to review my progress.

05. Review

During the penultimate stage, I’ll ask for your feedback on the website and any changes that need to be made can be done at this point.

06. Launch!

If we get this far, I haven’t stuffed things up… I’ll do some final checks and if we are both happy, your website will be launched to the world!

Once your website is launched, what happens next?

Once your website is launched, you’ll receive your Website Owners Manual, which details all of the login information for your website. It will also outline what obligations you’ll have to ensure your website is kept safe, secure and up to date.

Alternatively, if you’ve opted to have me manage the website for you, then your site will be enrolled onto my Website Care Plan, which frees you up to focus on celebrating your new website and growing your business.