Website Health Check

Get valuable insights and actionable recommendations to improve your website.

My website health check will help you understand how well your website is performing so you can take action to get the most out of it.

How does the website health check work?

When you ask me to perform a website health check, I will review 7 key elements of your website, from security and performance through to blogging consistency and GDPR compliance.

You then get an emailed PDF report which provides you with valuable insights into your website health, together with actionable recommendations that you can work through. The report is easy to read and doesn’t blind you with technical jargon.

The 7 key elements

  • Security – does your site have SSL enabled?
  • Performance – how fast loading is your website?
  • WordPress Health – are your themes and plugins up to date?
  • Design – is your site mobile responsive?
  • Content – do you have any nasty ‘lorem ipsum’ on your site?
  • Blog – are you blogging consistently?
  • GDPR – is your site GDPR compliant?

Cost and how to order

The cost of a website health check is £95.00 and this includes a comprehensive PDF report plus a 30-minute Zoom call to run through the report.

Please note that I will require access to your WordPress dashboard – you will need to create a temporary administrator level user profile for me to access your site.