Tap into my 15+ years of experience in building and managing websites

Are you ready to take your website to the next level?

Whether you’re looking to enhance your customer journey, integrate powerful third-party apps like PayPal, or overcome mindset blockages that hold you back, my Website Strategy Session is here to help.

During a 1-2-1 video call, we can chat about any aspect of your website and how it’s used to aid the growth of your business.

Plus, you get free follow up via email to keep you accountable for any actions we agree on during the call.

Some of the things I can help with on a Website Strategy Session

  • Creating a basic SEO strategy to get more visitors to your site
  • Analysing the customer journey on your website
  • Mapping out online courses or memberships
  • Finding the best third-party tech to integrate with your site
  • Mindset challenges around website usage and growth

How it works

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Book and pay for your Website Strategy Session (£50)

Book a Website Strategy Session for just £50.00 by clicking on my magic calendar link.

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We have our 1-2-1 video call via Microsoft Teams

Let’s dive straight into the subjects you want to chat about during an hour-long video call. There’s no rush, and there’s certainly no techy jargon either!

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Free meeting follow-up and accountability via email

At the end of our call, we’ll agree any follow-up or next steps that needs to happen. I’ll ensure that you get any additional information or will hold you accountable for any agreed actions.

Your Questions Answered

Q. How do you access my website?

To access your website, I will need administrator access to your WordPress dashboard and, depending on the task at hand, access to your domain registrar and web hosting accounts.

Q. Are you insured to work on my website?

Yes, I have full professional indemnity insurance, not that we will need to use it I am sure.

Q. What about data privacy?

I am registered with the Isle of Man Information Commissioner and I will always respect the information that I have access to on your website. When working with me for the first time, you will be sent my standard Data Privacy Agreement that outlines my responsibilities as a data processor.