When you create your new website, or add to your existing one, are you doing so with the right intention?

It’s easy to focus on creating the content – getting it out there, without giving much thought to who’s going to be consuming the content, or why you’re creating it to start with.

This applies to both the static pages on your website, shop products, courses, member offers or blog posts. In fact, all content that you create online should be done so with the right intention.

How to set the right intention when you’re creating content for your website

  1. Is the content relevant? Are you creating content for the sake of it, or is it really needed by your reader?
  2. Consider who your ideal client is and how they prefer content to be delivered – in text format, or perhaps visually in the form of images or video – and create your content accordingly.
  3. Be sure to use the right language and words to convey your message, avoiding unnecessary technical or industry specific language.
  4. Include intentional calls to action to encourage your reader to take the right action.
  5. Stop before you hit publish, take some time to review what you’ve created to make sure you are happy and only then release it to the world.

Once you have created your content, hold it’s intention in your heart as you send it into the world.

By taking the time to set the right intention for your content, it will be best received by those who need to hear, see or read it.

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