When you subscribe to a Website Care Plan, you receive the benefit of having access to a suite of website care services.

In this article, I will list all of the services that are included in your Website Care Plan.

Website Maintenance done for you

The core service within a Website Care Plan is website maintenance. This is where I take care of all the technical day-to-day running of your website ‘behind the scenes’. The primary elements of website maintenance are:

  • Taking daily back-ups of your website which are then stored in a safe cloud based storage facility
  • Processing updates of your WordPress core, theme and plugin software
  • Optimising your website database, which means cleansing the database of old versions of your content

Website Monitoring and Reporting

Your website is monitored in real-time for any security vulnerabilities or site downtime. If any of these issues occur, I receive a notification by email and I can then access your site to investigate and resolve any issues.

I will also analyse the performance of your website at the end of each month, and report back on any opportunities to improve the performance of your website.

Content editing Allowance

Each month, you’ll also receive a ‘content editing’ allowance. You can use this time to request changes to the content on your website, plus additional tasks such as minor design tweaks and changes to navigation for example.

Unlimited Email Support

Every so often, something may go wrong with your website that I’m not aware of. Or, you may have a quick question about building or growing your site. In that regard, I am always here to answer such questions and offer help where I can.

Your Website Care Plan includes access to me via email, where you can ask for help and advice. Note, any in-depth work that you want me to do, will either be deducted from your Content Editing Allowance or charged for at agreed fee.

Monthly Activity Report

You can also opt to receive a monthly Website Care Plan Activity Report, which details all of the website maintenance tasks that have been completed during the month. You can view a sample report by clicking here.

All in all, your Website Care Plan involves more than just making sure your website is up and running. The care of your website is not taken lightly and I will always treat your website as if it were my own.

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