When is it inappropriate to create a Membership Site?

There are occasions when it’s in appropriate to have a membership or eLearning site, but what are they?

Whilst I’m a big fan of building communities online and sharing your knowledge, if what you do can result in a huge spiritual or emotional shift for your clients, then you need to ensure you’re not leaving them to deal with it themselves.

There are definitely specific industries or services that prohibit self-guided resolution of personal problems.

For example, if you provide counselling around trauma or abuse, your clients need you to be there for them to deal with any issues that may arise.

If they are left to follow self-help courses for example, they will also have to deal with the effects that can arise from dealing with their inner-most traumatic experiences, and this could have catastrophic consequences.

When are eLearning or Membership sites acceptable?

Membership or eLearning sites are best suited if you have generic content to share or online courses that provide a general teaching in a given subject. Think situations like:

  • Self-guided mindfulness or breathing courses;
  • Positive thinking to help with public speaking courses;
  • A membership site for crafters, writers or artists; or
  • A membership site to help develop your physic abilities.

If you are thinking of creating a membership or eLearning site, and you’d like to chat about your options, get in touch.

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