Why I Use Fathom Analytics

Tracking visitor statistics is important to monitor the success of your website, but it doesn’t have to be at the expense of your visitors personal data.

When you add a Google Analytics (GA) tracking code to your website, not only are you enabling Google to harvest visitor data, you are empowering them to sell it to the highest bidders.

Ever wondered why GA is free?

GA is provided free of charge and it has a powerful dashboard, enabling you to discover many aspects of your site visitors, from their location to the devices they are using and their IP address. Whilst you can select to anonymise the IP address, this is not set as a default.

Whilst nobody knows exactly what Google do with your site visitors data, given that GA is free, it can be fair to say that Google must be making money from that data.

Fathom Analytics is focused on privacy

By contrast, Fathom Analytics (FA) are focused on privacy and on protecting your site visitors data. The FA dashboard is super simple to use, just one page of data to help you understand where your website traffic is coming from.

Fa Screenshot

And because you aren’t harvesting personal data, you don’t require those horrible ‘cookie pop-ups’.

FA costs around £10 per month and in my opinion, is definitely worth investing in, especially if you are focused on running an ethical business.

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