Why one back-up is never enough

Why One Backup Is Never Enough

Is having a back-up taken by your web host sufficient protection from data loss?

You may be thinking that your website host taking a back-up of your WordPress website is sufficient protection from your data being lost in the event of a site crash or cyber attack. That’s if your website is actually taking a back-up – not all web hosts do!

But a recent news article calls that into question…

Google Cloud accidentally deletes UniSuper’s online account due to ‘unprecedented misconfiguration’ (read the article)

Thankfully, Google and UniSuper worked together to restore the data, but UniSuper’s clients were without access to their accounts for a week.

If your website host experienced a cyber attack, or had an incident with their data centre, and your website was only backed-up by them, you run the real risk of losing your site content or becoming vulnerable to a cyber attack on your site.

Subscribing to a WordPress Site Care Plan will enable independent back-ups to be taken of your site and stored securely online. In the event of an issue with your website, your site can be restored from a previous version.

I take back-ups of my clients websites every 24-hours, with 90-days worth of back-ups being stored securely. This ensures that a site can be restored to any point in that period.

Remember, when it comes to your website backups: “Two is one, and one is none.”

Ryan Sullivan – Site Care

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