CottamWeb Online Courses

Easy to follow, beginner friendly online courses for WordPress site owners

Whether you’re building your first WordPress site, or have an existing site that you want to maintain and grow, my short online courses are for you.

Learn WordPress the easy way!

WordPress can have a steep learning curve, but it doesn’t have to be like that. I’ve created a range of easy to follow, short in length online courses that are perfect for beginners. My courses cover a range of topics, from WordPress essentials through to SEO, security and more.

Learn about…

  • Domain registration and website hosting
  • Installing and setting up WordPress
  • Choosing the right WordPress theme for your site
  • Customising the design of your WordPress site
  • Adding functionality to your site with WordPress plugins
  • Creating content for your WordPress website
  • The power of blogging
  • Managing your WordPress site to keep it safe and secure

Praise for my teaching skills from Gill, one of my clients.

“I needed help working out how to make changes and updates to my website. Mike walked me through the key tasks I needed to understand and explained each one in easy-to-follow, non-techie language.”

Gill Leece