WordPress Site Review

A peek under the bonnet of your website to see where it can be improved.

Let’s see how well your website is really performing

If you’ve been busy growing your business, keeping on top of your website’s development may have been lower down on your ‘to-do’ list (if it was on there at all…).

My WordPress Website Review will take a deep dive under the bonnet of your website to see just how well it’s performing and where it could be improved.


Why do you need an Efficiently performing website?

Your website is your online home – the online space where you showcase your business. If your site is not performing at its best, then…

  • Potential clients will go elsewhere – your competition probably!
  • Your site content could be at risk of cyber attack.
  • The cost (and time / energy) put into getting your website built would be wasted.

What’s included in the Website review?

  • WordPress Health – a full review of your WordPress installation; Core, themes and plugins are all checked;
  • Content – all content is reviewed, from the frequency of your blog posts to whether you are using calls to action;
  • Performance – page load times, mobile responsiveness and file sizes are all checked for effectiveness;
  • Security – a full review of your website’s security set-up, from SSL certificate to user set-up;
  • GDPR – a full review of your GDPR compliance; and
  • General User Experience – a general review of your website’s user experience

You’ll get a comprehensive PDF report and video overview that you can keep and refer back to, plus a 30-minute Zoom call where we can discuss your review and I can answer any questions you may have.

What’s the cost of the Website Review?

The cost of my WordPress Website Review is £175.00 and is normally delivered within a week of ordering.