WordPress Takeover

Take back full control of your website.

Are you being denied access to your website?

As much as I hate to say it, there are unscrupulous website designers and agencies that hold clients to ransom when it comes to website ownership and management. On the face of it, they may appear to be respectable agencies, but the tactics they employ are anything but ethical.


Don’t let an unethical agency hold you to ransom

These unkept promises can affect your ability to manage your website as well as the performance and security of the site itself. Not to mention the sleepless nights and unnecessary stress caused to you.

Examples of unethical web design agency practices

  • Claiming that YOUR content belongs to THEM;
  • Refusal to provide complete access to your website WordPress dashboard;
  • Burying your content so deep into the coding of a website that you have to pay them to make content changes;
  • Using your website project as a creative license to flex their own creative muscles, with no consideration for your business goals or objectives;
  • Making promises on timelines and website performance that they cannot realistically meet; or
  • Failure to provide you with an administrator level user profile.

How I can help you take back control of your website

Review your existing status

I will work with you to understand what issues you are experiencing right now. I will also conduct – where possible – a full review of your website position. This will include domain ownership, website hosting and WordPress status.

Provide Takeover Recommendations

Once I understand what steps need to be taken to release you from the grips of your existing web developer, I will help you implement the changes required to hand control of your website back to you.

Website takeover costs and next steps

The cost involved in restoring website control to you, will depend on the work involved. I charge an hourly rate of £40.00 and once I have conducted my review of you site, I will be able to provide an estimate of the time and cost involved.