More time serving your clients, less time on WordPress maintenance

Performing routine WordPress maintenance is probably not at the top of your list.

Your time is best spent designing amazing websites and serving your customer.

My WordPress White Label Maintenance solution empowers you to focus on your core business activities without removing yourself from that all important client relationship.

Basically, you focus on designing and building your clients website, and I will focus on the day-to-day maintenance once it’s launched.

Each website you outsource to me will be added to my WordPress management dashboard and will enjoy the same care and attention as all of my WordPress Site Care clients.

All of the essential site maintenance tasks are taken care of, such as daily back-ups, software updates and site monitoring for uptime and security.

I treat all websites in my care as if they were my own, so you can rest assured that your clients websites will get the care and support that they deserve.

How it works

001 Send

Submit a new website to be maintained

To submit a new website for care and maintenance, simply send an email with details of the website to be added and I’ll commence the onboarding process.

018 Note

I add the site to my management dashboard

I’ll add your clients website to my site management dashboard and will commence the daily management of their site, whilst you get back to doing what you do best.

015 Menu

Ad-Hoc support provided on an as needed basis

Once your site is onboarded, it will be maintained daily. I’ll be here for any ad-hoc support that you may need on your clients website, such as content edits.

Simple pricing: £19.00 per month per website

I provide a simple pricing structure. Each website you want me to maintain will cost £19.00 per month.

Ad-hoc support requests, such as content edits or design tweaks, will be billed at my hourly rate of £50.00.

All work is time-logged and invoiced in one invoice on the 25th of each month.

White Label Maintenance Plan Features

  • Daily website back-ups to secure cloud storage
  • WordPress core, theme and plugin updates
  • Website monitoring for uptime
  • Website monitoring for security
  • Optional maintenance activity report
  • Ad-hoc tasks billed at £50/hour

Your questions answered:

Q. Are you insured to work on my clients websites?

Yes, I am fully insured to work on your clients websites. I am also registered with the Isle of Man Information Commissioner, and you and your clients data will be respected at all times.

Q. How do I get help for my clients websites?

To request any edits to your clients website, simply send me an email with details of the task to be completed. I’ll acknowledge your request and then complete the task in accordance with your request.

Q. Will my clients know you’re accessing their website?

No, they won’t know I am doing work on your behalf. Each site you outsource to me, will be added to Glow (my WordPress maintenance software tool) using your WordPress login credentials. The Glow plugin will not be white labelled, so your end client will presume its you who has installed that plugin to facilitate back-ups and updates.

Any site editing work you need me to do, will be done by me accessing the WordPress dashboard via Glow, which is in essence using your login; so your client won’t ever know I exist.

Q. How do you manage back-ups and updates?

I use Glow to connect your clients website to my management dashboard. All back-ups and updates are then performed using remote access via Glow.

Q. Do you accept any and all websites?

No, some websites will not be a good fit. I will conduct an initial review of each website prior to taking it under management, which is the same process that I follow for my clients.

Q. How do you handle billing?

I issue invoices electronically on the 25th of each month. You will be billed your monthly fee per site, plus any additional billable time for tasks completed during the month.